Fall And 5 Things To Be Grateful For

Fall has always been my favorite season. It is sublime, subtle and whispers of cozy evenings by the hearth complete with hot chocolate and whipping cream. There is the crisp, cool tinge in the air that signifies the end of summer while winter is still yet to come.Fall, the twilight of the seasons, a marker that the days are shorter and the year is coming to a close.

As we soldier on into the future with time leading us in the march, I would like to turn my thoughts to the small things that make me smile and pause to give thanks. I will always be thankful and grateful for the people in my life, those closest to me, and those who are still with me today, along with the things in life that I sometimes take for granted, like a home.This time, however, I want to focus on the little things, the things we don't always think are important, but will miss when we find ourselves unable to do them or have them.My top 5 things are:1.  Being outside and watching the breeze pick up leaves and tos…

Christmas on my mind in September.

It's September and it's 2020. The crazy year that threw us all for a loop.Navigating it was alright, we just had to be flexible to flow with how things needed to go as protocols, and regulations changed.But through it all, I craved the simpler, comforting, and cheerful things more than ever.So, it is not surprising that I, who never think about Christmas until late November, am yearning for candlelit nights and cozy blankets while drinking eggnog and watching cheesy movies.

There is something about the comfort of being around things that don't change. I don't generally have traditions I adhere to, but I do like those things that calm the soul, emanate peace while bringing cheer and joy.In this crazy topsy-turvy year, some semblance of normal is very welcomed.So, here I am dreaming of Christmas and the nostalgia it brings.In September.

Lets Dance With The Chickens

There is something about children and their love for things "over-the-top". Their exuberance goes unmatched for all that they really care about and enjoy. No joy goes hidden, and in the same way, anything disliked will also be vociferously mentioned.They just enjoy being themselves.Somewhere along the way, we adults have lost our exuberance for life and joy. Perhaps, we have been beaten down too many times by the storms of life. Maybe, it is time to regain that which we have lost.Time to stop worrying about what others might think of us, and how we need to act mature and be mature.What does that mean anyway?Does that mean we need to be somber all the time? Serious to the point of never having our lips turn upwards into a smile? Or does that mean that belly-laughing will get us ejected from the adult table during holidays to the lower echelons of the children's table?

Why have we stopped dancing along with the butterflies flitting about in the yard?Why have we stopped bein…

Living My Vida Loca

My brain is tired. This happens to me more than I can count and not everyone understands where I am coming from because I am not physically tired, just mentally exhausted.Sometimes, I feel like I'm one of those one-person bands, you know, the person who has every single apparatus strapped to their body and every movement they make plays an instrument attached to them? It is exhausting. Yet, things need to get done. Something in me tells me I have to be productive, I have to do my best, try my hardest, and keep going. Even if it is only to conquer breadmaking. To get the bathrooms cleaned.To get designs up and listed in the shop. Get the blog written.And record my next sermon, and/or bible lesson for one of my students.Intertwined with those are other activities involving things we do within the community, and work or ministry-related video calls. Perhaps, I am sharing too much but this is my life, this is some of what goes on behind the scenes and this is my reality and my constan…

Small Things

Small things.Sometimes we notice them.And sometimes we don't.Yet, everything begins with something small which then becomes larger over time.A seed is small and often, we don't pay much attention to them. Yet, they grow into big trees.A tiny butterfly egg seems so harmless, yet it houses a voracious eater that can decimate an entire plant.We don't pay attention to small things, preferring to focus on the big ones instead.But everything starts small.

An ice cream cone shared with a small child might seem like a small, random act, but that act could become a cherished memory one day, its value, priceless.Brushing the hair of an elderly person might not seem like much, but to the recipient, that small gesture might be the only human touch they have had for weeks.Small things matter.Let's try to notice them more.

The Joy Of Water

The day had been swelteringly hot and the humidity made every piece of clothing and hair stick to my skin. 
The ceiling fan faithfully turned around over and over in circles offering me some respite with its gentle breeze while I sat at my desk working on my laptop. There was only one thing on my mind. Only one thought that clouded all other thoughts.
The beach. I needed to get into the water.

It took a lot of effort to be able to get what I needed to do done, but the motivation was there as the reward beckoned.
It seems so unlikely, who would have thought a culmination of sand, salt water, waves, and breezes could be so tantalizing? None of them on their own would make heads turn but put them all together and they become heavenly.
Getting submerged in water on a hot summer day is the best simple pleasure there is. It does not matter if it is being hosed down in the back yard, jumping into a lake or a pool, floating in the ocean, or even trying to fit into a kiddie pool. Let's face it,…

Through The Good And The Bad ~ A Guest Post by Vanessa Guzman

Winnie came into my life in late 2009 as a surprise gift. She was so small and helpless, affectionate, and tender that as soon as I held her in my arms, I fell in love with her. Being a Labrador, she was always playful when she was little, she chewed our shoes and destroyed everything she found. Thankfully, that lasted only a few months.We decided to train her to be obedient and alert in preparation for any unforeseen circumstance or in the event an intruder should enter the home. Being protective by nature, she became jealous of everyone who would come very close to us, and although she was never aggressive, she always "marked her territory" to make it clear that "she was the queen of the home and we belonged to her."Over time, she became more sociable and gained popularity with the other dogs at the park. Honestly, she would make me laugh when I saw how she liked to run around and play and yet knew when it was time to go home as soon as she got bored. Winnie lear…