Small Things

Small things.

Sometimes we notice them.

And sometimes we don't.

Yet, everything begins with something small which then becomes larger over time.

A seed is small and often, we don't pay much attention to them. Yet, they grow into big trees.

A tiny butterfly egg seems so harmless, yet it houses a voracious eater that can decimate an entire plant.

We don't pay attention to small things, preferring to focus on the big ones instead.

But everything starts small.

An ice cream cone shared with a small child might seem like a small, random act, but that act could become a cherished memory one day, its value, priceless.

Brushing the hair of an elderly person might not seem like much, but to the recipient, that small gesture might be the only human touch they have had for weeks.

Small things matter.

Let's try to notice them more.