Lets Dance With The Chickens

There is something about children and their love for things "over-the-top". 

Their exuberance goes unmatched for all that they really care about and enjoy. 

No joy goes hidden, and in the same way, anything disliked will also be vociferously mentioned.

They just enjoy being themselves.

Somewhere along the way, we adults have lost our exuberance for life and joy. Perhaps, we have been beaten down too many times by the storms of life. 

Maybe, it is time to regain that which we have lost.

Time to stop worrying about what others might think of us, and how we need to act mature and be mature.

What does that mean anyway?

Does that mean we need to be somber all the time? Serious to the point of never having our lips turn upwards into a smile? Or does that mean that belly-laughing will get us ejected from the adult table during holidays to the lower echelons of the children's table?


Why have we stopped dancing along with the butterflies flitting about in the yard?

Why have we stopped being silly and laughing out loud?

Are we sure the world needs more formality, seriousness, and somberness?

Or, maybe if we would just laugh loudly more, smile wider all the time, and dance wildly around in the backyard with the chickens that we would actually start to have fun and enjoy life without being concerned about how people view us.

In as much as we teach children, perhaps, it is time we take several pages out of their life manual as well, and add some exuberance and fun into our own lives. 

The simple pleasures are just that. Simple. And children know that.

The world has changed, and did being stuffy, solemn, and boring help us? No, it has added more to fear and anxiety.

So why not be like children, why not live a life of joy and exuberance while enjoying the very simple things that most people do not even see or take the time to savor?

I say it's time to get up and dance with the chickens.