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Fall And 5 Things To Be Grateful For

Fall has always been my favorite season. It is sublime, subtle and whispers of cozy evenings by the hearth complete with hot chocolate and whipping cream. There is the crisp, cool tinge in the air that signifies the end of summer while winter is still yet to come. Fall, the twilight of the seasons, a marker that the days are shorter and the year is coming to a close. Fall by Adeline Oh Velarde As we soldier on into the future with time leading us in the march, I would like to turn my thoughts to the small things that make me smile and pause to give thanks. I will always be thankful and grateful for the people in my life, those closest to me, and those who are still with me today, along with the things in life that I sometimes take for granted, like a home. This time, however, I want to focus on the little things, the things we don't always think are important, but will miss when we find ourselves unable to do them or have them. My top 5 things are: 1.  Being outside and watching th