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Ah, Weddings!

Tall palm trees swayed with the breezes as seagulls cried to each other overhead. Clouds scurried across deep blue skies, playing tag. On the beach, a picturesque scene is unfolding, chairs are placed in rows, with tulle and flowers attached to the backs of them while a pergola is in the process of being enacted. Several yards away, the waves lap gently on the shore. Everything seems to be in place for the wedding later on in the afternoon. Photo credit: Arshad Pooloo On the other side of the beach, angry, raised voices could be heard coming from behind a grove of palms. Several people seemed to be engaged in a heated argument, and a seagull flying overhead heard voices demanding that the wedding ceremony include certain elements while other voices angrily say no. There is nothing like a wedding to get the juices flowing and people riled up. As joyous as they can be, weddings also bring out the worse in people as expectations rise to a crescendo without always being met. Traditions, ex