Hello, I’m Adeline and I’d like to welcome you to Ohvello.

Life is made up of everyday things, little and big, that form the tapestry of our memories. One of my fondest memories is of me as a child sitting on my mother’s lap sharing a sweet, juicy, ripe pear with her as she taught me the word, “delicious”. It was nothing elaborate, nothing fancy, just a sliver of an afternoon spent together enjoying each other’s company while sharing the simplicity of a pear. 

Yet, I remember it to this day.

The smells of home cooking, the feel of dirt under fingernails, the purr of a family cat laying in the sun, the funny antics of the beloved family dog, and the satisfaction of sharing simple joys with loved ones linger long after the moment has passed. 

These are the things we remember, this is what life is made up of, these are the things we cherish. 

And these are the things we want to re-create for ourselves and to create for the next generation.

This space seeks to be a place to share the simple pleasures of everyday living.

Come on in!